About Me

In 2011 I completed a degree in Sports Medicine at Westfield State University, followed by a Certification in Massage Therapy the following year from Springfield Technical Community College. While a practicing Massage Therapist I entered a Masters program in Occupational Therapy, learning new skills along the way that I applied to my professional practice. I completed my Masters in 2014 which allowed me to explore more opportunities in mental health as an Occupational Therapist.

Each of these disciplines makes me continuously aware of the mind-body connection and how vital it is to our health. For me, being in tune with my client’s needs starts with self-care. I discovered Visceral Manipulation as a client and realized the benefits this technique would have to my own practice. I attendedĀ  classes at The Barral Institute where I completed VM 1 and VM 2 programs. I also hold a Certification in Pediatric Myofascial Release.

Our relationship with our mind and body begins at an early age. Like any relationship it can be positive or negative. Armed with this awareness and a natural rapport with kids, I was inspired to seeĀ pediatric clients within my private practice. Parents or Legal Guardians must be present in the room during sessions, where they are provided with simple techniques to assist and carryover effects of therapeutic touch with their child at home. My experience within Pediatric Occupational Therapy provides added benefits to my young clients and their care givers.