Available Services


60- or 90-minute session

The client is provided with a massage specific to their needs. Modalities include, but are not limited to, Swedish (relaxation), deep tissue, and myofascial massage.

Medical Massage

The client’s needs are identified with a brief evaluation of body mechanics and postural demands from occupations. Goals are created and established to guide and show progress. Kate will utilize a variety of techniques from relaxation massage, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, scar massage, and deep tissue release. She also provides stretches, strengthening, and relaxation exercises to improve and maintain optimal posture.

Sinus Relief Massage

60-minute session

The Client’s needs are honed, with an emphasis on releasing sinus cavities in the face and neck. Warm moist towels are placed on the face and back and are infused with a respiratory blend of essential oils allowing airways to open up more organically.

Visceral Manipulation (VM)

30- or 60-minute session

VM is a form of bodywork employing light specific touch of organ systems to assist with a variety of ailments. VM can help alleviate musculoskeletal aches and chronic pain, as well as supporting emotional healing. The components of this energy work and its bio-mechanical techniques provide a unique experience for the client.

Our bodies constantly receive and process input from the outside environment. Some of these experiences create a strong emotional response. Each of our experiences, to some extent, is stored within the body. Certain intense responses can persist within and manifest as pain or dis-ease.

What to expect

When receiving visceral manipulation an individual is clothed in comfortable loose attire, the practitioner will provide skin to skin touch (typically the abdominal area) to effectively provide proprioceptive input (specific pressure) to the organ requesting attention. Sessions typically last 30 minutes and clients are noticeably relaxed following bodywork, often times reporting decreased pain or tension in their specific problem area.

Chair Massage On-Site Events or Massage Party

Looking to have a gathering for more than 4 people and would like a massage therapist to bring a table and/or chair.

Additional add-ons such as ear seeds, aromatherapy, or foot scrubs can be provided.